Sunday, 8 June 2008

Newspaper Article Sources

Mountaintop Rescue. (2007, March 29). The New York Times, from

This article is a brief update on how environmental advocacy groups have found reason to present to congress in the coal industry's forge into the Appalachian mountains. The article features two regional groups: Earthjustice and Appalachian Center for the Economy and Environment, and the evidence they uncovered revealing that the coal industry had failed to demonstrate that mountaintop removal's damage could be undone, and that the industry had failed to conduct necessary environmental reviews. This article is a useful source for a researcher as a quick reference to who is involved in the mountaintop removal issue, how government has been responding to it, and whether activist groups are making progress. A researcher would discover specifically how the Bush Administration has responded to the issue and could further research the Bush Administration's involvement with it.

Coal Industry Digs In For the Long Run. (2008, March 13). The Charleston, from

This article is from a very neutral perspective, and discusses more of the coal industry's involvement in the whole issue. It relays where the coal industry stands as far as its extraction processes, like mountaintop removal, and where it sees itself going in the future despite environmental agencies' battle. The article also features West Virginia and the fact that they have the highest number of underground mines in the country. This article would be useful for a researcher because it allows the researcher to see the mountaintop removal issue from the coal industry's perspective and why the practice is still going on even after countless protests from environmental groups. The article gives a researcher more of a description of a coal miner's job and how much of Appalachia is made up of coal mine workers. A researcher would value knowing both sides to the argument in order to see the issue as a legitimate battle.

La Torre, Nicholas. Appalachian Expert Decries Popular Misunderstanding of Region. (2007, October 8). The Athens News, from

This article features a speaker who lectured at Ohio University about the Appalachian land and its unique culture. Jeff Biggers wrote a book entitled, "The United States of Appalachia: How Southern Mountaineers Brought Independence, Culture and Enlightenment to America." Jeff lectured on how Appalachia is the most diverse place in America and that its unique culture comes from the evolution of mountaineer settlements in the region. This article reviews some of the topics and issues Jeff brought up in his lecture. One of those issues is mountaintop removal, and Jeff looks at it from an identity crisis standpoint. The article points to Jeff's belief that strip coal mining in the Appalachians is equivalent to "raping the land and culture" and erasing the history of Appalachia. His main concern is for the continuation of Appalachian culture for future generations to enjoy. This article would be useful to a researcher because it brings a new perspective to the reasons why mountaintop removal is harmful. Not only is it harmful to the environment and people, but it erases history and culture of what has always been a unique area. A researcher would benefit from knowing all of the factors involved in the problems that mountaintop removal brings. 

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